Walter Mazzari has slammed referee’s role in Cagliari 1-0 defeat to Roma

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Cagliari boss Walter Mazzari has slammed the referee’s role in the team’s 1-0 defeat to Roma in Serie A football on Wednesday night.

         Leonardo Pavoletti scored for Cagliari to take the lead. But conceded two goals to Roger Ibanez and Lorenzo Pellegrini, but Mazzari pointed out that both. The two goals the team conceded from a set-piece were supposed to be fouled first, but the referee ignored the team’s defeat.

         “We have two golden chances to lead away. But eventually I got to see the team I wanted. We have perfect tactics and if there is a team that deserves to win it should be us,” Mazzari told ufabet .

         “We conceded goals from both set-pieces and it was not a foul that led to a free-kick because they should foul our players first. Then Laiko, he blocked the ball. It was a normal extraction. Not a foul”

         “Then it should be our penalty. I watched from every angle Mancini pushed Pavoletti and then pretended to fall. There should be a VAR check.”

         “Anyone can make a mistake. So does the judge. But there was VAR every game in Florence (Fiorentina vs Cagliari on Sunday) they stopped the game because they saw handball and no one noticed it.

         “I’m disappointed because after this great performance. We want to be treated like everyone else. I’m proud of my players, we’re missing six or seven players.”