The King is still confident in the ‘Endrik’ project

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Real Madrid remain confident in the plans they have for Endrik, even if it looks a bit different at the moment. 

Real Madrid had planned to succeed their striker by pre-contracting 16-year-old striker Endrik from Palmeiras, but things appear to have changed after Karim .

“We hope that Mbappe has thought the same as Bellingham. Mbappe I trust that he will come. Mbappe will achieve glory when he comes to Real Madrid. Meanwhile, ยููฟ่าเบท

he will be wandering around. He will win a Champions League someday.

Benzema abruptly announced his departure from the club last summer. While they still have to wait for Endrik’s transfer to the team next season, the youngster has not been able to show impressive form in the Brazilian league this season. 

Including not playing as much as he should if compared to the previous season. He scored just 8 goals and 1 assist, and no one doubted his ability. 

But what has happened this season has reminded the young striker that he still has a lot to learn and improve. A report by AS Marco Ruiz states that Madrid’s plans remain unchanged. 

He was brought to the team in July to begin the process of adjusting to life in Spain, while Joselu has done an outstanding job as Benzema’s emergency replacement and he will continue. Be part of the team next season and rotate with Endrik, the team’s new rising star.