Ralph Rangnick received a really strong Wolverhampton.

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Manchester United
manager Ralph Rangnick has praised Wolverhampton Wanderers. It is the strongest team that. The Red Devils in their own era met after the “Wolf” army won 1-0 in the Premier League last monday night.

The German coach just lost his first game in charge of the “Red Devils” after losing 1-0 at home to “Wolves” with an offensive record that is inferior to many of their opponents. UFABET

The German coach opened up that “We didn’t play very well both individually and as a team. In the first half we had a big problem defending the goal. In the second half we switched to three defenders and had more control until there were about 15 minutes of almost scoring.

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“We conceded a goal despite. There were enough players in the box and Jones managed to clear the ball. But this season we’ve conceded goals like this a lot of times. 

“They play with four or five central midfielders and we have some control issues on that pitch. We decided to change the form and control the ball more. They didn’t have many chances but we missed our own opportunities.”

“We have to admit they deserved to win, Wolves are the best team we’ve come across. We had more problems today than any other game.”

“We don’t press at all. We tried but we couldn’t. They have an overloaded midfield and play through both wing-backs. We were only able to work a few weeks after we closed the training ground. We played well in many matches. But today we have to admit that our opponents are really superior to us.” Ralph Rangnick