Napoli assistant coach praises the team’s performance

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Marco Domenikini, Napoli assistant coach praises the team’s performance and confirms that he is ready to give his best, even though the path in Serie A football is still a long way to go.

Azzura defeated Bologna 3-0 in Serie A on Thursday. Makes the famous team of Naples lead the crowd together with AC Milan with 28 points.

“Today we did well. In the beginning of the game we may have problems. Then we gained confidence and managed the situation well. I would like to congratulate the team.

“They are a quality team. This team has a good group of players. which follows what the coach has planned There are still many games left to play. There is a lot to do but our desires are always full.”

In addition, Domenikini, who replaced the banned Luciano Spalletti, said the boss believed in Lorenzo Insigne to take the penalty despite the media. Some people criticize this great striker.

“There is no doubt that he is a penalty taker who has no problem shooting. He might have had some issues in the past. But the coach has always believed in him fully.”

“However, I am annoyed by the first two goals we conceded, we were too naive.

“I thought we had a few chances to build up from the back and attack the spaces, but Napoli never gave us an opportunity to get back in the game. They play with a different spirit now.”

What’s Udinese’s target this season?

“We need to find our dimension, the season has just started,” Gotti said.

“We lost against Napoli and we are sorry for this defeat at home, but we need to hold our heads high. There is a new opponent in two days which is just as strong.