Mbappe and Messi are missing Paris Saint-Germain training

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Paris Saint-Germain strikers Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi. It implies that he can not help the team enter the French Ligue 1 game this Friday, meet the old champion Lille. Including having to win another hard bounce in the game. Champions League football group stage to meet RB Leipzig in the middle of the week

The pair missed the rehearsal dinner Thursday in the case of M. Buck Giuseppe severe infection in the ear , nose and throat  making the team’s top scorer on 14 goals in all miss you ‘ seal pups ‘ certainly was.  

The Messi’s physical condition is not completely rested. That makes the chance to play at the Parc des Princes tomorrow very little. But when there is a chance to win the match, it becomes the European Football Week.  

Mbappe and Messi are missing Paris Saint-Germain training

The other groups that will definitely miss two matches from now are Sergio Ramos , Marco Verratti and Leandro Paredes. Although the first is close to being fit after full training.  

” Ki-Lin Yan M. Buck Giuseppe is in the treatment of infectious. It is back training again early next week, ” a statement from PSG.  

“ For Sergio Ramos, there have been developments following the recovery program. with medical staff to cover The direction process is very good. As for rehearsal with the group, it’s under consideration next week. ” 

“ And as a consequence of the last game , Verratti had a pain in his left hip in the inner muscles. Expected to be unable to use for 4 weeks. ”  

At the same time, boss Mauricio Pochettino also spoke about Messi in a statement of readiness himself.  

“ Messi is not feeling well. and then separately practiced solo on Thursday The judging will take place tomorrow whether he should engage Game Found Lille or not . ” 

Through 11  matches Wednesday PSG is a sergeant with 28 points over Lens on 7 points of Lille is 10.