Juventus have revealed Mattia de Gigno won’t be train for at least 10 days

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Juventus have revealed defender Mattia de Gigno will not be able to train for at least 10 days due to a hamstring injury in midweek.

De Cillo was injured in the first 11 minutes in Serie A’s 2-1 defeat at home to Sassuolo on Wednesday. Before undergoing a thorough examination on Thursday morning. It was found to be a hamstring injury.

A club statement read: “Mattia de Gigno underwent an examination at J Medical Center this morning to reveal a hamstring injury in the lower part of his left thigh. And it takes about 10 days before I get tested again.”

As a result, De Chigno will miss out on all three matches starting with Verona on Saturday. This will be followed by a Champions League game against Zenit St. Petersburg and a league game against Fiorentina the weekend before the international break.

In any case, the designator, Gianluca, also ended up in the dock Rocchi.

“It seems to me that he is getting himself into trouble. Because he had talked about the VAR room, with a high threshold and the abandonment of rigorini. The words of the journalist Giovanni Capuano to ‘Radio Punto Nuovo.

We have forty-four penalties in ninety games. We will reach about one hundred and seventy by the end of the season. Beyond the numbers of a few years ago, above the European thresholds “

Today for the survival of the clubs, fourth place is perhaps worth more than a scudetto. We need a quick course correction, because we are at the end of October and we breathe a climate that is breathed in January-February. I had high hopes for this start of the season. But Rocchi it’s letting me down“. Tranchant judgments that leave no room for interpretation.