Christian Romero has pleaded with Tottenham Hotspur fans

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Christian Romero, centre-back, Tottenham Hotspur has pleaded with Tottenham Hotspur fans to be patient with him for a while to see the real results. Because in the past, it is an adjustment. If it gets in the way when it guarantees the toughness of the defensive game commander personality.

Romero recently helped spores final quarter of Carabao Cup with victory over Burnley’s 1-0 yesterday. With the title of Man off the match in the league, three shots behind the full 90. minutes showed a greater confidence from the head coach Nuno S. Spirito Puerto Santo.  

Therefore racing age of 23 years. So that it could compete in the big matches were Manchester United (30 in . C .) And then return with the confidence of the boss.  

” Defines itself against the Spurs that slow but sure – I felt at home here already more ” open mouth to ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ This kind of thing is not something that can happen overnight. Every environment changes need time to adjust as I feel good. I hope that I can still create a high-level performance. ” 

The owners of 47 million pounds, adding that Joe that this slope Grinstead chain team mate Arjen Stein has contributed greatly to life in coops ‘ Spurs ‘ easier.  

“ Gio helped me settle down better. And I love having him as a team-mate for both the national team and the club, ” Romero added.  

“ That doctor is a good friend. And it’s clear that it helps a lot to have that guy by his side, like when he was with the Argentina national team. ” 

“ But he didn’t influence me to be here. It was entirely my decision to sit in the lap of Tottenham because they are a big club playing in the best leagues in the world. ” 

Romero ‘s performance stats – per – 90 minutes is better than Toby Alderweireld . Last season, many aspects, including intercepting , intercepting the ball , the ball in the air and collecting two balls. Second only to the accuracy of the ball, but only a little.