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ter Stegen still has a chance to win the Zamora award.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen still has a chance of winning the Trofeo Zamora award. If the 31-year-old plays every remaining match of the football season and performs up to standard. Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is still in contention to win the Trofeo Zamora award. Which

Matthäus suggests Bayern should use cold water on Alphonso Davis.

Alphonso Davis was one of the Bayern Munich players who came under fire for their poor performance in the 0-2 loss to Borussia Dortmund football. Germany legend Lothar Matthaus has suggested that. Bayern Munich should have friendly talks with Alphonso Davis after the 23-year-old left

Atletico Madrid beat Villarreal at the end of the game 2-1.

Atletico Madrid returned to the top four after a narrow 2-1 win over Villarreal in La Liga football game on Monday. Atletico Madrid started well, taking a 1-0 lead from the 9th minute from a corner kick on the left that. Rodrygo Riquelme threw to Axel Witsel,

Virgil van Dijk praises ‘Handsome’ as the most difficult

Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool defender, reveals that Olivier Giroud, former Chelsea and Arsenal striker, A tough opponent for him, Giroud is considered one of Europe’s most underrated players. Although he has won the Champions League, World Cup and Euros and has broken Thierry Henry’s record for all-time

Ten Hag clearly emphasizes that for the ‘Man Utd’ to succeed

Manchester United boss Eric Ten Hag says ‘hungry players’ are key to the club’s success. Dutch boss Came to work 19 months ago, during which there were two big dramas with players. The first was Cristiano Ronaldo, who left in November 2022, and the latest was

‘Tuchel’ reveals he chose to stay with Portugal 

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel revealed that the warm weather in Portugal was the main reason the team chose to camp there. During the winter break, Bayern decided to travel to Portugal for training from 14-18 January, where the weather is warm for training. And

Fuente reveals ‘Gabi’ missed practice to avoid further injury

Luis de la Fuente revealed that Gabi was injured and did not train with the team to avoid any problems that may arise. De la Fuente gave an interview updating the situation . Midfielder Gabi’s fitness ahead of their Euro qualifier against Norway. Concerns have been raise

The King is still confident in the ‘Endrik’ project

Real Madrid remain confident in the plans they have for Endrik, even if it looks a bit different at the moment.  Real Madrid had planned to succeed their striker by pre-contracting 16-year-old striker Endrik from Palmeiras, but things appear to have changed after Karim . “We